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Ready Steady Go Kids Singapore started in 2012 and is the first international franchise of the programme. Today, we run the programme at more than 50 preschools across Singapore and also at several futsal locations on the weekends.

The programme commenced in Australia in 2004 and our quest is to help all children benefit from sport and physical activity. Today, our physio-designed programme is run at approximately 200 locations across Australia and many more internationally.

Our programme objectives are as follows:

  • Introduce pre-schoolers to a variety of sports in a structured, safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment.

  • Show pre-schoolers that sport and physical activity are fun, thus developing a lifelong passion for exercise.

  • Develop and enhance age-appropriate gross motor skills, coordination and correct posture.

  • Introduce and reinforce the importance of warm-up and stretching to help prevent injuries, and proper hydration.

  • Teach the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

  • Decrease childhood obesity.

  • Increase each child’s confidence.

  • Prepare children for school and participation in the broader community.


Our classes:

  • Each Ready Steady Go Kids class at our weekend locations is run under shelter (we are there rain or shine) for a duration of 45 minutes, and we cover five sports per term.

  • Our classes are designed to focus on a specific gross motor, hand-eye/foot-eye and/or balance activity to complement the sport component and our programme structure is repeated each week so that participants become familiar and comfortable with the routine.

Awards and achievements


Our Educational Partners



Capella Preschool has been having Ready Steady Go Kids [RSGK] provide sports enrichment classes for our children since 2020. We have been very satisfied with the service that has been rendered and never regretted our choice.

The coaches are excellent with conducting the lessons, making it extremely fun and building excellent rapport with the children. On top of that, we never had to worry about lessons being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Thus far, no matter what happens, RSGK has never failed to show up and deliver their classes professionally.


The children at Capella Preschool really look forward to attending sport classes with RSGK! A huge thank you to Hakim and the team at RSGK for making this such an enjoyable experience!

- Mornique, Principal of Capella Preschool

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